Jewelry Buying Guide

Anantomy of the Ring
  • The Stone will account for 75-90% of the overall cost of the ring.
  • The Setting holds the center stone. A strong precious metal is imperative in securing your investment.
  • The Band will endure the most wear over time since it’s in constant contact with the fingers and everything that the hand touches.
  • The Stamp indicates the type and purity of the metal. All rings must have this.
The setting that lets the stone be the hero. It’s visible from all sides for maximum sparkle.
Similar to prong but with rising slopes to protect the stone on two sides. Elegant, but a little more secure.
Stones sit between two parallels of metal. Visible, but not prominent. Allows the metal and stone to each have their own distinction.
Harkens to the style and class of a bygone era. Features a thin metal bar that separates each stone but leaves the sides open to bring in light.
Timeless. A classic setting that draws attention to the stone, and away from itself, by framing it in precious metal.
Sophisticated, but subtle. Tiny metal beads hold each stone in its own discreet setting.
This setting grips the stone with 65-95 pounds of pressure, creating the illusion that the stone is hovering in space.
A high-impact, low-stress setting. Offers the security of small stones inside tiny holes.